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ROI_PAC source code is available for research purposes to the international community at no charge. Caltech retains intellectual property rights to the software, and licenses the source code and executable software for external use. Other uses and restrictions can be found in the supplement. ROI_PAC source and object code have received an official classification of EAR99 from the U.S. Department of Commerce, allowing export without any governmental licensing requirement to foreign nationals of all but a few selected countries.

Note for people with previous versions of ROI_PAC:
The test data for the new version has not changed. You do not need to order a new copy.

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Export Status:
Distribution is permitted to citizens of all countries.

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Quantity Product Name Description Size Price
ROI_PAC test directory This file contains the instructions for downloading the ROI_PAC test directory archive. 68 bytesNo charge
ROI_PAC version 3.0.1 Distribution package for the ROI_PAC 3.0.1 source code 1.4 MBNo charge

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