The RGBSlider allows one to control the selection of three values along one of the axes of a database. It is very much like Slider, except that it chooses three slices at once.


The track button toggles whether or not applications to which the slider is linked change in real time as the slider changes. For simple renderings, such as Image's, this is quite useful. For slowly-produced displays, it should probably be turned off.

Applications to Connect to This Application

Any Data Object may be connected via the "drag 'n drop" button to this application. Another slider will control it if desired.

Applications to Connect This Application to

Histogram or Image, but only if they are in RGB mode.

Tricks and Gotchas

RGBSlider doesn't ask for a database upon startup; one must be dropped in before slider can do anything.

Sliders attached to one database can control applications using another database. When that happens, the numerical data on the slider of course applies to its own database; the application picks an appropriate level for its database.

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