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ROI_PAC History

ROI_pac Version 3.0.1 Release date: 24-Aug-09

Corrected a significant problem in the calculation of perpendicular baseline in "".
Modified the ampcor program to allow optional scale factors in range and azimuth. The "" script will use PRF ratio to estimate the initial scale factor.
Added new "" that allows use of a single master simulation with a series of interferograms from the same track, projecting the final interferogram into the same radar geometry as the master interferogram.
Added "" script to run SNAPHU program (program not included).

ROI_PAC Version 3.0 Release date: 04-Oct-07

Completely revamped make procedure to use standard configure/make facilities.
Tested to build on multiple machines and compilers.
Fixed some geometry inconsistencies relative to V 2.3
Added envisat preprocessing support.

ROI_PAC Version 2.3 Release date: 15-OCT-04

Made significant modifications to code, makefiles, and scripts.

Scripts: added capability to use a single simulation file for many interferograms on a given track. Several bug fixes.

Makefiles: removed the need for f77 compiler and fixed MPI compilation to not occur if MPI doesn't exist.

Code: Modified code to compile and run under f90 exclusively.
Removed code dealing with f77. Fixed icu to work properly in f90
with regard to bitwise logical operations on all f90 compilers.
Added new MPI code for resamp_roi and ampcor

Updated documentation to reflect above changes.

ROI_PAC Version 2.3-alpha CVS date: 01-DEC-03

Removed all instances of C I/O in fortran programs.
Fixed quadratic baseline implementation inconsistencies
Fixed geometry inconsistencies in perl scripts
Fixed format statement errors in ampcor and fitoff
Fixed other small bugs
Added Makefiles for Mac OS X using Absoft compilers
Altered fortran syntax to work with Intel compiler
Made doppler handling fully cubic everywhere
Added substantial documentation
Placed ROI_PAC_DIST under CVS version control
Changed FFTW API to support FFTW 3.0

See the file MODS for the major list of source changes since version 2.2.2
(last web release)

Note: because of the new and consistent definitions of certain geometric parameters in this release, it is advised that previously created images and resource files not be used. Please start from scratch ( on all new work, even previously conditioned data.

ROI_PAC Version 2.2.3 Release date: 27-MAR-03

Fixed to accept UTM projections
Updated inverse3d to accept height derivatives in computing velocities as well as orbit files
Fixed a fortran bug for some sun compilers in rdf_reader_f90io.f
Fixed a bug in
Fixed a bug in
Fixed a bug in PRC2polynom.c

ROI_PAC Version 2.2.2 Release date: 20-MAR-03

Rearranged Makefiles to expect generic environment variables F77, F90, and CC to point to the appropriate compilers.
Fixed a bug in baseestq.f
Fixed a bug in cpx2rmg.f90
Fixed a bug in powlooks.f (introduced in v2.2.1)

ROI_PAC Version 2.2.1 Release date: 15-FEB-03 (Internal)

Changes from 2.2 to 2.2.1:
The way the Sun deals with fortran 90 vs fortran 77 IO and formatting required some rework of rdf_reader, separating io routine from string maipulation routines. io is compiled with f90 and others with f77.
It can't all be f90 on the sun because the dynamically built format strings don't work at runtime for some reason.

The flag for bad height values in IntSim was changed from .lt. 0 to the range outside -1000, 25000.

Changes from 2.1 to 2.2:

Note: resource files, rdf inputs and scaling of data files in many places have changed from Version 1.1b, so products from different released versions are not interchangeable.

Fixed some geometric inconsistencies in the Perl Scripts.
Added additional acceleration tem to roi to provide better focusing in azimuth

ROI_PAC Version 2.1 Release date: 06-AUG-02 (Internal)

Changes from 1.1beta to 2.1:

Addition of linux /Absoft build
Numerous bug fixes
Addition of higher order baseline variations
dynamic memory allocation for all relevant programs
more complete inverse3d support
better icu support
replaced ampcor with faster more accurate version
rdf interface for many more programs

ROI_PAC Release Version 1.1b June 01, 2001

Fixes from 1.0beta to 1.1beta:
Fixed icu Makefile problem
Inserted FFTW include files with non-zero length
Fixed SAR_CONFIG files to have better defaults
Reinstated .rsc file for DEM in TEST_DIR
Fixed Makefile in TEST_DIR to not delete .rsc file for DEM

ROI_PAC Release Version 1.1 August 01, 2000
ROI_PAC Release Version 1.0 March 01, 2000

Previous ROI_PAC versions were not for release

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