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Change Log

1.4.3 (Tue 13, May 2014)
Added applications to default make and make install.

1.4.2 (Thu 10, Apr 2014)
Updated ftp paths for download_libraries script.
Fixed numerous warnings in clang and gcc.
Minor bugfixes.
Fixes for Visual Studio 2010 support.
Added Windows Installer sub-packages.
Code Readability Improvements in IDL wrapper.
Added additional functions to function table.
Added Makefile arch flags to work around issues on x86_64 linux.

1.4.1 (Tue 18, Feb 2014)
Updated Mac installer intro.
Fixed MtkRegionToPathList for large regions.
Added Windows Binary Installer.

1.4.0 (Thu 30, Jan 2014)
Added Mac Installer. 
Support for field attributes added. 
Added support for TC_CLOUD, TC_CLOUD_DIAG.
Added support for RCCM firstlook.
Changes to fix orbit / time functions dealing with orbits 995-1000.
Added MtkFileAttrList / MtkFileAttrGet

1.4.0RC1 (Tuesday 5, Nov 2013)
Added documentation, Python wrappers, IDL wrappers for Regression and ReProject functionality.
Cursory support for win32 WIX installer.
Applications moved to applications directory.
Added support for OS X 10.8
Documentation updates
Various bugfixes

1.3.0 (Internal)
Removed Universal Binaries for Mac builds
Updated Leap Seconds Table
Added support for OS X 10.7
Update Depenency Versions and download scripts

1.2.3   (Fri, 22, Aug 2008)

Added MtkSurfaceBRFRegression utility.
Added BRF Regression C routines, Python and IDL support not yet available.
Added Map Reprojection C routines, Python and IDL support not yet available.
Fixed bugs in MtkSnapToGrid.
Fixed error handling bug in MtkRegionToPathList.
Updated orbit predition table.
Fixed memory leaks in Python API.
Fixed unscaling for LandBRF and LandHDRF 

1.2.0	(Fri, 10, Nov 2006)

New Mac OSX Universal Binary (Intel/PPC) architecture
Patched HDF-EOS/HDF library to work in Linux64 and Mac OSX (Universal Binary)
Added a script to download HDF-EOS/HDF libraries
Improved HDF-EOS/HDF library installation
Added MtkDateTimeToJulian and MtkJulianToDateTime
Added MtkTimeMetaRead and MtkPixelTime to retrieve pixel acquisition time
Document slicing of field extra-dimension using bracket notation when reading
Enhanced C examples
Fixed IDL on Linux64
Reworked Python interface
Updated Mtk Python to use NumPy 1.0
Fixed error messaging and handling in Python
Add URC and LLC coordinates to MTKt_MapInfo and MTKt_BlockCorners structures
Changed functionality of MtkFileGridFieldCheck
Added MtkVersion function to report Mtk release version
Added MtkGeoRegion to MtkMapinfo structure to report the bounds of a data plane
 in terms of geographic latitide/longitude
Fixed some bounds checking problems in MapQuery
Added ability to read block metadata
Added the routine MtkCreateLatLon to compute latitude and longitude data planes
Added MtkWriteEnviFile to write an IDL ENVI file given a Mtk data buffer and
Added MtkWriteBinFile3D
1.1.2	(Thu, 6 Jul 2006)

Added new routines MtkFileAttrList and MtkFileGridList
Added support for reading a stacked blockrange in Python
Added MtkFileAttrGet, MtkGridAttrGet, MtkFileAttrList and MtkGridAttrList
 to command line utilities
Added MtkFileToOrbit, MtkFileCoreMetaDataGet and MtkFileCoreMetaDataQuery
 to command line utilities
Fixed problem with Python recognizing Equivalent Reflectance
Fixed Equivalent Reflectance computation bug (was missing sun distance squared)
Fixed time format bug in Python
Changed MtkDataPlane Python object to have a method to retrieve MtkMapInfo
 and removed the coordinate conversion methods.  They are in MtkMapInfo now.
Added MtkFileAttrList and MtkGridAttrList to IDL wrappers
Removed deprecated SetRegion functions
Fixed all issue regarding Mtk, Python and NumPy on 64-bit Linux

1.1.1	(Thu, 15 Jun 2006)

Python reference counting
C++ header file support

1.1.0	(Mon, 12 Jun 2006)

New Python bindings.
New Win32 support.
New Linux64 support.
Added core metadata query and retrieval functionality.
Changed time string format to be ISO 8601 complaint.
Added MtkPathBlockRangeToBlockCorners.c.
Added MtkFileAttrGet.c.
Added MtkOrbitToTimeRange.c.
Added MtkFileGridFieldCheck.c.
Added MtkSetRegionByLatLonExtent.c.
Deprecated MtkSetRegionByLatLonExtentMeters.c,
 and MtkSetRegionByLatLonExtentPixels.c
Fixed MtkReadL1B2 M_PI and BRF fill value problems.
Added thirdparty library build scripts.

1.0.4	(Mon, 17 Apr 2006)

Beta release

Fixed Linux build problem with MtkReadL1B2.c.
Improved MtkDataBufferAllocate and MtkDataBufferAllocate3D unit tests.
Fixed Mtk_c_env.csh and scripts.
Added #!/usr/bin/env sh to script.
Added USE_BSD to get M_PI in MtkReadL1B2.c.
Added MtkJulianToCal.c and MtkCalToJulian.c.
Added MtkOrbitToTime.c.
Fixed IDL and add
Added scripts to automate installing hdf/hdfeos/zlib/jpeg.

1.0.3	(Wed, 1 Mar 2006)

Beta release

Added Equivalent Reflectance as a virtual computed field to the L1B2 set of
Fixed a dimlist error with IDL
Fixed precision problems found during Win32 port.
Increased the precision of the longitude of the ascending node.
Improved the install rules in the Makefile.
Fixed a bug in MtkReadConv regarding lrc_sample coordinates.

1.0.2	(Tue, 31 Jan 2006)

Initial beta release

1.0.1	(Wed, 30 Nov 2005)

Alpha release

1.0.0	(Tue, 15 Nov 2005)

Initial alpha release

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