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Data Graphics - X

DGX Moderators:
Scott Shaffer
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 315
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

DGX (Data Graphics - X) is an image visualization tool based on X11 and motif. DGX is particularly well suited to the display of radar image data, which are usually represented as complex pixels, or line-interleaved amplitude/phase layers.

DGX accepts as arguments switches that specify the file name, file type (complex, line-interleaved, standard flat, etc.) , data type (floating point, byte, integer, etc), image dimensions, and many other file characteristics. The arguments can also control the display properties such as color wheel, offset and scaling of color or gray scale.

One of the most useful features of DGX is the ability to flicker between a gray scale rendition of a radar image and a colorized version of the image phase (or some other data layer co registered with the image) or to merge the two into one amplitude modulated color image. This is extremely useful for visualizing radar interferograms, where the amplitude looks like an image of the scene and the phase is a record of surface topography or deformation. Motif widgets control switching between colors and data layers, and allow interactive rescaling of the images. If a header file of information about the image dimension and geographic location is present, DGX will allow interactive computation of individual pixel coordinates for comparison with other data. A profiling function also exists that allows the display of a line-cut through the image in any direction. The profile function uses the freeware auxiliary program called "XMGR".

DGX is used in conjunction with ROI_PAC.

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