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General Visualization System

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The primary purpose of GVS (General Visualization System) is to support scientific visualization of data output by the panel method PMARC_12 (inventory number ARC-13362) on the Silicon Graphics Iris computer. GVS allows the user to view PMARC geometries and wakes as wire frames or as light shaded objects. Additionally, geometries can be color shaded according to phenomena such as pressure coefficient or velocity. Screen objects can be interactively translated and/or rotated to permit easy viewing. Keyframe animation is also available for studying unsteady cases.

The purpose of scientific visualization is to allow the investigator to gain insight into the phenomena they are examining, therefore GVS emphasizes analysis, not artistic quality. GVS uses existing IRIX 4.0 image processing tools to allow for conversion of SGI RGB files to other formats.

GVS is a self-contained program which contains all the necessary interfaces to control interaction with PMARC data. This includes:
  1. the GVS Tool Box, which supports color histogram analysis, lighting control, rendering control, animation, and positioning,

  2. GVS on-line help, which allows the user to access control elements and get information about each control simultaneously, and

  3. a limited set of basic GVS data conversion filters, which allows for the display of data requiring simpler data formats.

Specialized controls for handling PMARC data include animation and wakes, and visualization of off-body scan volumes.

GVS carries the NASA case number ARC-13361. It was originally released as part of the COSMIC collection.
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