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Origin-Based Assignment
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Foundation :: Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering :: Origin-Based Assignment

Origin-Based Assignment

A Solution Algorithm to the Network Transportation Problem

Origin-Based Assignment graphic Moderators:
Hillel Bar-Gera
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The transportation network assignment problem is to allocate the fixed demand from origins to destinations to routes of a network according to a given behavioral hypothesis, such as that each user seeks to minimize the cost of their chosen route.

Most solution algorithms for this problem are either link-based or route-based. In the algorithm described in this invention, an origin-based approach is implemented. In this approach, all of the destinations for each origin are considered together, and the routes serving them are efficiently identified and optimized. The computational efficiency in terms of time and memory make this method suitable for large-scale urban networks of practical interest to transportation professionals.

Experimental results obtained to date for large and medium sized networks demonstrate that the new method is especially efficient for finding highly accurate solutions of the problem. An executable file with directions for use and a sample solution is available after execution of the license agreement.

This software carries Technology ID CT23 from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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