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Evaluating Thermodynamic Properties, Transport Properties & Equilibrium Constants of an 11-Species Air Model

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Accurate numerical prediction of high-temperature, chemically reacting flowfields requires a knowledge of the physical properties and reaction kinetics for the species involved in the reacting gas mixture. Assuming an 11-species air model at temperatures below 30,000 degrees Kelvin, SPECIES (Computer Codes for the Evaluation of Thermodynamic Properties, Transport Properties, and Equilibrium Constants of an 11-Species Air Model) computes values for the species thermodynamic and transport properties, diffusion coefficients and collision cross sections for any combination of the eleven species, and reaction rates for the twenty reactions normally occurring.

The species represented in the model are
  • diatomic nitrogen,
  • diatomic oxygen,
  • atomic nitrogen,
  • atomic oxygen,
  • nitric oxide,
  • ionized nitric oxide,
  • the free electron,
  • ionized atomic nitrogen,
  • ionized atomic oxygen,
  • ionized diatomic nitrogen,
  • and ionized diatomic oxygen.
Sixteen subroutines compute the following properties for both a single species, interaction pair, or reaction, and an array of all species, pairs, or reactions:
  • species specific heat and static enthalpy,
  • species viscosity,
  • species frozen thermal conductivity,
  • diffusion coefficient,
  • collision cross section (OMEGA 1,1),
  • collision cross section (OMEGA 2,2),
  • collision cross section ratio,
  • and equilibrium constant.
The program uses least squares polynomial curve-fits of the most accurate data believed available to provide the requested values more quickly than is possible with table look-up methods. The subroutines for computing transport coefficients and collision cross sections use additional code to correct for any electron pressure when working with ionic species.
SPECIES carries the NASA case number LAR-14447. It was originally released as part of the NASA COSMIC collection.
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